Friday, March 23, 2007

Rik and Rick

Last night's performance at the Glendale library was fantastic! The rain kept a lot of people away (here in the desert many people are intimidated by the wet stuff), and it was their loss! The schedule published by the library just said there would be a preview of this weekend's music festival. Those of us who were there enjoyed the performances of folk singers Rik Palieri (from Vermont) and Rick Nestler (from New York.) Palieri played the banjo, guitar, Native American low flute, and an ocarina. Nestler accompanied their songs on the guitar and the tenor banjo.

The two sang folk and blues music (including a couple of Woody Guthrie songs), plus some originals. Nestler's "Take Me to the Islands" was a fun calypso tune, made even more fun by the background story of how he came to write it. Palieri included a Polish mountain song and a couple of songs he had written. The audience was encouraged to sing along on the chorus of many of the songs, and sing we did. Palieri's book The Road is My Mistress: Tales of a Roustabout Songster was for sale, and he signed our copy for us. I'm looking forward to reading it!

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