Thursday, March 22, 2007

Free Music!

One of the many great things about living here is all the free activities and entertainment available. From October to the middle of April, the Glendale Public Library ( sponsors free musical performances on Thursday nights at 7:00 PM. We've enjoyed a wide variety of musical genres there - South American folk music, Tejano music, bluegrass, jazz, music from Zimbabwe, Native American Flute, reggae, Baroque classical music, Irish traditional songs, and much more. The auditorium is large enough that we've never been unable to get a seat, even though these concerts are very popular. It's stadium-type seating, so we don't have to worry about our short selves sitting behind someone really tall. The music is high quality, and the audience is always great. Tonight we're going to hear a "preview of the annual Phoenix Folk Traditions Music Festival at Encanto Park," which takes places Saturday and Sunday.

We're really excited about the music festival for at least a couple of reasons. It's in a beautiful park in the middle of Phoenix (one we haven't had the chance to explore yet), it promises all different kinds of music (folk, blues, celtic, country, cowboy, bluegrass and traditional), AND it's free! Two free days of great music in a beautiful setting - who could ask for more?

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